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No Politics Here…

August 23, 2012

You hear it all the time, there’s nothing more taboo or divisive than talking about politics. Ok, ok Religion too but not as much in that same regard due to my personal experiences with that topic.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize how blessed I was to have the friends I have with so many geeky things in common but one……politics.   Our settings were always appropriate to jab at each other on current issues.  However, if you wanted to buzz kill your Friday night video game marathon, all you ever had to do was bring up anything political.  I assure you, that a night started in politics would end half-baked and deflated by stereotypic name calling.

Up yours, you war-mongering, religious right wing fanatic!!”, “Back at you, lazy self-absorbed, socialist, tree licking hippie!”

And if you were an “Independent” well, no names were thrown your way because you were never invited.

But, there it was, divisiveness at its worst when the actual geek setting couldn’t have been better. And in retrospect, it should have been better than having to stoop to that level.

Sure, there’s a time to inform yourself and talk those issues out with family, friends, and neighbors. But as much as I’ve removed myself from that scene for nearly seven years now (insert gasping blank stares here) I can tell you, besides being a happier chap, where I personally don’t believe a setting for any political jabber is appropriate.  In a pulpit on Sunday morning or in a Life group setting, be it a home or at church.

Listen, being in ministry for several years now I can’t tell you how many times the partisan wall came down the moment honest discussion about God and Faith were had.  Let’s weigh this out. Does talking about politics “really” better ones “daily” life? Or does a true relationship with God outweigh what any man; woman, elephant, donkey, or turkey can tickle your ear with? And given the seriousness of our proposition of a life in Christ, we as Christian’s risk ostracizing those who are seeking that way of life the moment our invitation is replaced by a stump speech for a political candidate. Think about our responsibility in this instance.  I believe it’s a mistake to assume that because you “are” a church goer that a person would automatically vote the way you do.

Listen at the end of the day, there’s not one politician out there that can ever afford me the comfort, the peace of mind, or the will to live a life of helping others, in spite of my financial burdens, than that of Jesus.  Don’t’ believe that’s possible? Go to Haiti for a week and try to convince me otherwise. In my life group, I’ve made it clear that we don’t talk politics because there are those who don’t vote for the party I vote for. And it would be irresponsible of me, and rude as a host, to get in between that person and God because I have a political axe to grind in that setting.

Rather than enflame ourselves in trying to convince others of our political opinion’s (wasted resources as far as I’m concerned) I find it a better solution to celebrate all our diversities in true fellowship.  I believe that’s what our God wants. That other “stuff”…well, it’ll work itself out. Especially when I also firmly believe that God has got it covered. So why try to get in His way? Believe me, God has a bigger shovel than your or I will ever own and it’s best to do our part and re-direct our resources by doing what we ought to be doing…Mathew 28:18-20 anyone?

So next week at Life Group, rather than talk about pork barrel spending, talk about the pork we’re all “blessed” to eat because of the one act a Christ did that no one in history has ever done.

Pass the bacon please….Amen

Your Puerto Rican Deacon